What is 'Brain Plasticity'? 

Brain Plasticity is a relatively new concept in medicine. For many years, it was thought the brain was fixed or ‘hardwired’ but we now know that the brain can be changed, and is, to a degree, plastic (meaning it can be changed or modified).

This concept is changing our understanding of health, illness and recovery. There is much hope for the future as brain plasticity provides new approaches to disease prevention, management, and in some cases, complete cure.

What does the Brain Plasticity Clinic offer?

We offer a tailored assessment, diagnosis and a multi-disciplinary goal-orientated treatment plan, which is evidence-based, practical and holistic.  We incorporate specific neurological, psychological and physical interventions, alongside evidence-based guidance in exercise, nutrition, sleep, meditation and stress management. Our aim is not to change your specialist's management, but to provide information about evidence-based integrative medicine interventions to enhance your wellbeing and complement your treating doctor's care. 

Where are you based?

We are based at St Vincent’s Clinic Darlinghurst in Sydney. We also offer services to people in other Australian cities and in rural and regional centers via tele-health, mobile clinics and workshops.

How can I see you?

You will need a referral from your GP or specialist. Please contact us to make an appointment here.

What sort of patients do you see? 

We see all sorts of people. We specialise in helping people apply the principles of neuroplasticity for the optimisation of health and wellbeing. We see patients who are living with neurological conditions - Stroke, Brain Injury, Post-Concussion Syndrome, MS, Parkinson's, Cancer, dementia and trauma. We also see people who are looking for an integrative approach to workplace rehabilitation and community rehabilitation following inpatient hospital care.