Mindfulness and Cancer: Evidence is 10 years old.

The evidence for the use of Mindfulness in Cancer is over ten years old. A 2005 systematic review of MBSR as supportive therapy in Cancer care found that MBSR had the potential as a clinically valuable self-administered intervention for cancer patients. (1) The same year, an 8 week MBSR program in a heterogeneous sample of 63 cancer patients found sleep, mood, stress and fatigue were all shown to be positively impacted.(2)

As sleep disturbance, mood change, stress and fatigue are so frequently experienced by people fighting cancer, why isn’t mindfulness training offered more broadly?

(1) J Adv. Nurs. 2005 Nov;52(3):315-27. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as supportive therapy in cancer care: systematic review. Smith JERichardson JHoffman CPilkington K.

(2) Int J Behav Med. 2005;12(4):278-85.Impact of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) on sleep, mood, stress and fatigue symptoms in cancer outpatients. Carlson LE, Garland SN.


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